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@mplshod is a purpose-driven creative consulting firm that is focused on the intersection of modern creative expression, social responsibility + community building. We operate remotely, but we call Minneapolis home, and have 10+ years of creative experience & community involvement across numerous industries, including fashion, food and sports. 

We are a fully operational creative hub/cultural catalyst... which at one end of the spectrum is capable of helping our corporate clients become more competitive & more socially responsible by providing them with new perspectives + exposing them to a set of diverse individuals & ideas tailored to maximize their creative needs... and at the other end of the spectrum, is also capable of promoting, showcasing & uplifting diverse, talented, creative individuals from underrepresented social & ethnic groups by providing them with additional creative resources, outlets & job opportunities.

We specialize in Brand Development/Packaging, Print & Product Design/Branding/Editorial Design/Marketing.


@kellandavid is the Founder and Creative Director of Minneapolis Haus of Design. He is also an artist/photographer + Co-founder/Creative Director for Hybrid Nation—a diversity-inspired streetwear and lifestyle brand.

What We Do


We specialize in end-to-end brand and retail program development for both individuals and brands, which includes startup consulting, product design, production and manufacturing services, in-house photography services and a comprehensive suite of visual communications and creative design services (logo + media kit development, digital + web graphics, social media content, digital + print flyers, package design, etc.). 


We operate as a creative space where other creatives can come to learn, create, build, and add value to their community through our on-going social impact opportunities. 

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Feel free to send us a message. Currently accepting new clients for all services offered as well as for individual commission projects. We'd love to hear about your ideas and help bring your vision to life! 

Minneapolis Haus of Design

2nd Street North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411, United States

(720) 201-4178

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